Stop killing your profits,

simplify your tech stack.

Everything you need to run your entire business all in one app.










Surveys, Forms

& Analytics

Simplify to One: The Only App Your Business Will Ever Need

  • All Your Tools In One Place: Streamline operations and enhance productivity with a single, integrated platform that does it all - from office suite, cloud storage, to project management, data security and more.

  • Effortless Collaboration and Communication: Streamline team collaboration with integrated chat and video meetings, offering an alternative to Slack, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.

  • Ironclad Security: Military grade security to protect your data and privacy.

  • Optimized Costs, Maximized ROI: Eliminate redundant subscriptions and hidden fees, investing in a solution that offers more value and better results.

No More Bouncing Between Apps

Say Goodbye to Software Chaos and Hello to Simplicity!

No more patching softwares together – just one strong solution that looks after all your information and streamlines, your workflows and processes.

With Hub For Teams you have everything you need to manage your business all in one place.

Simplify Your Tech Stack

Optimize Your Business While Protecting Your Data

No more makeshift solutions. LiberationTek provides a comprehensive toolset that's tailored to cover and secure all your business needs in one powerful package.

  • Streamlined Workflows: Experience the ease of integrated tools that communicate seamlessly, boosting your team's productivity and efficiency

  • Unified Protection & Security: Move away from the fragile setup of multiple softwares. Embrace the robust, government trusted security of LiberationTek that shields every piece of your digital world.

  • Peace of Mind: Sleep better knowing your business operates on a secure, streamlined platform that's easy to manage and protects your most valuable asset—your data

Stop Juggling Multiple Softwares

Everything Your Business Needs, All In One Place

Ditch the complexity of managing multiple software subscriptions. LiberationTek offers a seamless, all-encompassing tech stack that not only meets but exceeds your business requirements. From secure file storage to efficient project management and robust cybersecurity, discover the ultimate toolset designed for businesses, big and small.

Unified File & Cloud Storage

Video Conferencing, Chat & Communication Tools

Advanced Project Management Systems

Insightful Surveys, Forms, & Analytics

Centralized Contacts & Email Marketing

Streamlined Appointments & Calendar Management

Efficient Time Tracking & Activity Monitoring

Unbreakable Cybersecurity & Data Protection

Hub For Teams

Replaces 20+ Softwares

Stop Overspending. Start Saving.

Just $14.95/month

Simplifying Your Workflows, Streamlining Your Processes &

Securing Your Data is Easy....










So what are you waiting for? Let's start your free trial now.

Why Pay More For Less?

Stop spending hundreds of dollars a month on multiple softwares.

No more bouncing between apps

One App, Multiple Solutions, Zero Hassle

Eliminate the chaos, data risks, and outrageous costs of managing multiple softwares and platforms. Simplify with our trusted all-in-one solution that replaces your entire tech stack.

  • Increase Your Efficiency & Productivity: Condense your digital tools into one solution, skyrocketing productivity with unparalleled, seamless ease of use

  • Streamline Communication & Collaboration: Unite your team under one digital roof, enhancing communication and driving collective innovation.

  • Stop Over Spending, Start Saving: Eliminate the expensive the costs of running multiple softwares, consolidate into one simple and easy to use platform

No More Unwanted Sharing: Say goodbye to obligatory data sharing with big tech; welcome to a world where you control all your data

Take Control Of Your Data

Data Liberty, Not Liability

Join The Movement To Freedom from Big Brother: Farewell to mandatory data handovers to big tech; embrace a realm where your data is entirely under your command. Start protecting your data and your rights.

At LiberationTek We Guarantee Privacy on Your Terms. Enjoy the liberty of a service that respects your privacy rights, always.

Effortlessly Migrate All Your Data In Minutes

With LiberationTek's seamless integrations you can migrate & secure your data in as a little as 10 minutes.




1 Software Subscription to Replace 20+ Softwares

Tailored Pricing for Your Business Needs

Teams + Talk

Stay connected and streamlined with limitless access and premium features in our all-inclusive Hub For Teams + Talk plan.



Office Suite

Project Management Dashboard

Email Marketing & Management System

Secure Team Chat

Video Conferencing

Calendar and Appointment Booking

Office Suite

25 GB Professional Mailbox

5 GB Secure Cloud Storage


Have more than 10 team members? Book a call with our enterprise team to let us put together a custom solution and see how much you can save.

Let's Talk

Everything In Teams + Talk

Live Onboarding Support

Team Discounts & Savings

Everything You Need In Your Tech Stack,

All In One Place

Cut costs and ditch the software chaos with our all-in-one,

user friendly tech suite that's secure as a vault.

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